Saturday, 30 April 2011

A card with no challenge!!

I don't know what has happened to my mind today - I decided I must make a card for one of the challenges.  But what to use?  Well! my decision is most probably what caused me to lose my mind.  Not literally of course.

I decided to use the CD that was part of my prize from CD Sunday challenge last week.  What better item to use & I spent time looking at all the possibilities.  
Anyway back to my card. Having made my decision on which design to use I printed off all the elements I required.  Then I set to & made the card.  The reason for starting this post was to show the card & link it to the appropriate challenge - CD Sunday (see I thought it would be nice to use the CD from the prize - OK I won't mention the prize anymore - I promise).  I popped into the blog to check if I still had time to enter & found I had produced the wrong card & in any case had already entered the challenge & was in fact second to do so.  Now! which challenge does this card fit?  I had, as you will see shortly, made a card with pyramage.  I checked the challenge blogs that I watch regularly & found it.  Stamptacular Sunday with the theme - "Pile it On" - great!  Oops - then the mind woke up - magic word - STAMPtacular.  My card had no stamping on it.  Anyway - here is the card I have made  for a non-existent challenge.  It will make a very nice birthday card for a friend or relative later.

As you can see I made an easel card.  Again during the course of making it I changed my design idea.  I was going to do a double easel but then decided the little oval pyramage would fit better laying flat.  I trimmed the right hand flap to match the position where the easel would sit & stuck it down flat then put the pyramage on top.

Now to look carefully again at blog challenges at get my mind back in gear.
Thank you for popping by.

Passing on the award

Good afternoon everyone
After receiving the blog award I have to do the following;

Pass the award to 7 other blogs recently discovered
Post a list of 7 random things about myself.

The first part was not so difficult, as I had spent the last couple of weeks looking into blogs I had not been to before.  Here is my list;

I have visited these blogs several times recently & the only thing I have not done is leave a comment.  This is
a very important thing for visitors to do I think & now that I am getting more comments I appreciate how much this means.  My next task regarding those blogs is to go & leave a message for them about the award.

The second thing is the 7 random things about myself - now that was difficult, but lets see what there is I can tell you;
1.   I am a Cancerian, & true to the sign I love water
2.   I love photography - especially waterfalls & lakes (see 1!!)
3.   Rubber Stamping is my main craft - but I don't do enough
4.   I have a thing for vintage cars
5.  My favourite colours are lilac/purple & shades of blue
6.   Love using craft CD's - especially MCS
7.   Would love a flight in a hot air balloon - but do not like flying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I need to make another posting with my rather late entry for CD Sunday challenge this week.

Thank you for popping in

Friday, 29 April 2011

An Award!

What a lovely few days my little blog & I have just had.

At the beginning of the week finding I had won a prize over at CD Sunday & then yesterday a message from Sue at Sue's Crafty Corner presenting me with a blog award.  How cool is that.  Am I too old to use the word cool?

Here is the award &, as part of receiving it, I have to pass it to 7 other blogs that I have just discovered. There are a couple of other things to do as well, which I will do tomorrow.  Like many of you I suspect, I have spent a lot of the day watching the Royal Wedding - what a beautiful day it was & didn't they look happy.  Every best wish to them both for many happy years to come.

The award;
The first thing I must do is go over to Sue's blog & leave her a thank you message.  Then tomorrow I must complete the other items that are part & parcel of this award.  Thank you so - I am so pleased.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Allsorts Challenge

Here I am again with another post today.

Another blog that I discovered earlier that has challenges is Allsorts & their theme this week is "April Showers".  Here is the photo of my card;

When I saw the theme of this challenge I just had to join in - I have had this lovely frog stamp for some years & he gets an outing every so often.  It was him time to shine again now.

I cut the leaf & its stem that he is using as an umbrella plus his hand to give the image some height.  In my box of gems I found these clear ones which I hope look like raindrops.  The image is coloured with Promarkers but the card could have done with having a smoother surface for a better finish.

I am looking forward to future challenge on this website.

Thank you for popping in to take a peek.

My Time to Craft Challenge

Hello everyone
After a little but of surfing the net for more challenges I stumbled on My Time to Craft & their challenge this week is "Perfect Pets".  This gave me a chance to use one of the Pampered Pets stamps.  Here is the photo;

The colours look a little paler than they actually are even though they are fairly pastel.  I didn't want too much colour & was helped in my decision with the free mini set of Pampered Pets that was on the front of the DoCrafts Creativity magazine a while back.  All the papers were this lovely pale pink & mint colour. In my stash I had just the right shade of pink & mint flat back pearls & mint ribbon, & also some pale pink paper that I could use the border punch on for one of the layers, & the layers for the 2 flowers.

Yes I am pleased with that one.

I created a card for another challenge today as well, so I am now off to do my second post.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Just chatting - a little more about me

Hi everyone
Having started to post blogs a little more regularly due to entering a few blog challenges I thought I should keep going with some chat about what I am up to.

I have just re-read my profile & in it it doesn't mention that I run some rubber stamping clubs locally or that I am involved with the HSNW Stamp Festivals that are run at Port Sunlight on the Wirral.

Each festival the members of the club decorate some 4" squares for the exhibition board that is on show in the entrance hall.  The theme this show was using silver & white only - which compliments the competion for this show. So! I thought, that as I have handed mine in, I could show you the three that I made;

Using Clarity Corners with some silver flat backed gems

Using an unmounted - unknown - medallion stamp with a fabric flower in the centre that has been dabbed on a Versamark pad & embossed with silver embossing powder & a silver  flat backed gem in the centre of the flower.

making use of the fact that I hold one of the club stamps

All the stamping was done with Versamark ink pad & silver Embossing Powder

At first I thought - wow! - we really have given ourselves a test here.  Silver & white!  What can you do with that.  I have to say, that once I got started I kept getting new ideas.  So! I think I will continue with those ideas to make toppers for cards.  I really like clean & simple cards - although I am happy to indulge in busier cards now & then.

I am off to do some stamping now - chat to you again soon.  Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Second Prize in CD Sunday challenge

I am sitting here a very happy person as I have just found out that I have won second prize in their Sunday 18 April challenge.  The theme was "Happy Birthday" as it was their birthday.

You can click HERE if you want to see a photo on this blog of the card I made, & also you can go over to the CD Sunday Challenge to see it as well,  along with the winning card & the prizes.

The winner's card was absolutely beautiful a very worth winner.  Do go & take a look.

Talk soon.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Less Is More - Off Centre

Hello again!
Four postings in one day - I may have to go & lay down in a darkened room.

I just had to pop back in again - I have found a new challenge blog - well new to me - "Less is More" describing itself as a clean & simple challenge blog.  Just click on their name to go to their website. I like clean & simple so I have to join in. This weeks theme is "Off Centre", so I popped up to my craft room to see what I could do.  Here is the photo or actually photos, as I couldn't make up my mind which way up I preferred the card.  To be honest the first one was my first thoughts - I wanted it to be a bit different.  Then I thought should I be a little more traditional.  I think I made my choice when I placed them in the order I have.  By the way I didn't make two cards - oh no, when I loaded the photos into My Pictures I copied it & flipped it. Details about the card after the photos;

The floral stamp is from a set of unmounted stamps & I have discarded the packaging so cannot say whose they are.  The word stamp is from Crafty Individuals.  I used Versafine Imperial Plum Ink (sadly it looks almost black here) & just added the three little lilac flat back gems to pull the design around the corner.

I have already looked at the other entries & there are some stunning cards there - I hope mine meets the criteria.

That really is me for today.

What did I do in March?

Hi again!
Now to show you my work during March.  Here is the slide show;

Quite a mixture this month.  The white embossed cards were from a pack with everything included - all the little embellishments plus 15 cards & envelopes.  Fifteen cards! - for £4-99.  At that price they were ideal for some fund-raising cards. I am not sure why I took a picture of one of them without any embellishments added.

The funky cat, pretty butterfly & flowers were some "free stamps" with a magazine.  There must have been about 20 stamps - so quite small most of them - but great to use.  The decorative paper came with them too.  I rather enjoyed stamping those - so the other day I sat & stamped some more - they are sitting on my work desk ready to be made into cards.  Aah! I suppose that is really April work isn't it!

I hope you enjoyed looking at more of my work.

I am now going to surf the net for this weeks challenges.  I have already entered the Sunday CD Challenge for this week - & in fact managing to be the second person to upload their work.  Really good for me as normally it is last minute uploading.

Hope you will drop by again.

What did I do in February?

Well! it appears I wasn't quite so quiet as I thought & here are the pictures to prove that;

Yes I actually made some Christmas cards in February! 

I had made the decision that if I found partially made images in my bits box they were to be turned into cards.  Those Christmas images & the one of the watermill were actually from samples I made when giving  a talk on rubber stamping to a local WI in January.  So nothing wasted.

Some images I have created in different ways several times.  This is because I make some cards for a fundraising event & it is handy to have the same design in different colours.  Sady I had the need in the matter of a couple of days to make 3 Sympathy cards.

The pastel cards with the silhouettes on were made using some digital images that a friend is designing.  She gave me the opportunity to test them out.  If you would like to see more of what she has created click on her name - CaroLines Digistamps.

So that was my work in February - now to create a slide show for March.

Thoughts about my blog

As I sit here thinking about my blog & the long gaps that sometimes occur between blogging sessions I wondered why that was as I seem to craft quite a lot. Then I realised the answer -- I tend to talk about most of my work as I complete it, on my other blog.  My "other" blog is the one that I created, & write for, for the rubber stamp clubs that I run & obviously as well as their work & information about the meetings I need to show them that I do do some work too. So it is getting put on there & not on here. I will have to put that to rights - I am sure I can blog differently here to how I do on the club blog.

Way back in January I did put HERE a slide show of the things I had created during that month.  But I haven't done it since.  I seem to only blog when I enter a blog challenge & sometime there are gaps between doing that too. So today I am going to correct that omission & write twice more after this one, showing February's work & March's work.  Then I will try & remember to show each months creations at the end of the month - so in about a week I should be able to show April's work.

Although, as I mention in my profile I am at heart a rubber stamper - I enjoy card making in most craft forms.  So the cards in the slide shows will vary in content.

I hope someone has popped by to read this entry & I am now off to produce my slide shows for the next 2 blogs.

'Bye for now.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

CD Sunday - Butterflies

Gosh - two days in succession that is a great improvement.

Thank you to the CD Sunday Challenge ladies for their lovely comments on my stepper card submitted yesterday for their last weeks challenge.  I thought it was time I didn't drag my heels - so I have entered this weeks challenge today!!!!!

Once again I used My Craft Studio CD's - this time "Wings & Things" which I used for the background & the butterflies.  I cannot remember which one I eventually found the frame in.  That is so silly - but I spent a long time deciding on the one I wanted.  I know it didn't come from the Encyclopedia set.  I will remember sometime or stumble across it again when creating something else.  Here is the photo for this weeks CD Sunday Challenge;

The background paper was an A4 design & I originally was going to use all of it to make a large card. I created a second sheet for the back by cropping out the music.   Then I changed my mind & folded the card in half to use landscape. I even changed my mind about which half would be the front. I will include a photo of the other side. I rather like these little frame boxes & have been working on a project that will be part of a workshop using them.  This one had more of the central panel cut away & I also inserted an acetate window into the aperture.  The flower to the side was cropped from the main background sheet & 2 copies produced so that I could 3-d the flower.  Glitter was added to the centre of the flower & on the wings of the butterflies.  I also cut between the wings of the butterflies to give them movement.  I was very tempted to put another butterfly in that empty space to the side of the frame - but decided against it.

Here is the other side of the card
 Now you can see where the white flower came from.  Once again this card will be ideal for a friend with a June birthday - so I am well ahead of schedule.

Thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

CD Sunday challenge - Happy Birthday

Hello everyone
Thank you for popping in, especially as there has been a bit of a gap again in my blogging.
Well I have cut it fine once again, as this is my entry for last Sunday's CD Sunday challenge.  The theme to be a Happy Birthday card, as it is their birthday, & may they have many more.

I think I will show the photo of the card first & then talk about it;

It is a centre stepper card design taken from My Craft Studio - Encyclopaedia CD, Volume 1 - letter C.  I used one of the background designs from the CD for the stepper card with the template shape on the reverse.  Before printing I changed the colour to one as close as possible to the design sheet. There are two effects on this card that I seem to be doing more of these days.  Fine cutting out & using glitter.  You may just be able to see the glitter on the throats of the flower on the floral arches & on the dragonfly wings.

Here is a close up of the main panel, followed by a closer look through the arches;

This lower photo was taken through the right hand arch which allows you to see better the little panel on the next step.

I do enjoy working wiith monochrome designs & this one is delightful.  Made for the challenge but I have just the right person it will suit when their birthday arrives.

Thank you for popping in I am off to do some more crafting now & look forward to seeing what the CD Sunday challenge will be tomorrow.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A good days stamping

Well! I finally kept my promise to myself & had a day of stamping.

The designs I decided to use & how I created them are very clean & simple - no fancy shapes & lots of layers & embellishments.  Some will be used by me personally & some are to go towards my fund-raising box of cards. 

Ooh!  I did also make two cards that used up the left over backing paper & toppers from the owl challenge card I made a couple of weeks ago.

For one group I returned to my oriental poppy stamp & coloured my card with distress inks the image was stamped in memories archival ink & quickly embossed with clear EP.  Again I stamped the images on tags - I do so like working on tags.  One was made with Red Brick, one with Stormy Sky & the last one with Wild Honey. I found a little wooden mounted bamboo stamp in the drawer that I had forgotten I had & stamped the edges of the base cards in the matching inks.  Here they are;

The other stamped images I did were of a vintage car.  I have had this car a long time & every so often I think I won't use it any more & consider selling it - then out of the blue it seems just the right stamp to have.  I used local area map taken off Google for the background papers.  Here they are;

None of these cards have greetings on as I prefer to add that at the time I use them.  Even if it is to be a stamped greeting it can be stamped on a small piece of card  cut out & placed on the card on sticky dots.

I might as well show you the two owl cards as well;

I also stamped out some more of those funky cats & that rather nice butterfly that I used about a week ago.  So hopefully I might find time to do something with those tomorrow.

Please pop back & see.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Someone Special - CD Sunday challenge

Hello again!
Here is my card for the CD Sunday challenge this week.  The theme is "Someone Special" - my card would be for two special someones, so I hope it is OK.  Here is the card - details after;

The design is from MCS Pretty in Porcelain CD -  Special Occasions - Wedding Anniversary.

The centre panel has been partially decoupaged - just one layer - the design has been cut around the top half of the wine glasses & some of the background giving a sort of semi-circular layer.  I can't take credit for that idea it was part of the images on the CD.  The little tag I would probably - if I was actually using it - attach to the back of the plate.  I used the background paper for the design for the stand using MCS's white template & I ran the plate through again so that the back of  it used the background paper too. I also used the option to have the text shaped & as the font I chose had a double image I picked the colour from the wine to fill the text.  That's the first time I have tried that.

I really like these plates & created one quite a while back for friends who had just become a grandparents & they had emailed a photo of the new baby.  So I printed the photo & cut out in a circle & attached to one of the designs.  It was really dainty & pretty.  There are a couple of special days due in the family over the next couple of months I think I may go down this path again.

Thank you for popping in - I do hope you liked the card.  I am off to see what new challenges there might be out there now & look forward to tomorrows CD Sunday challenge.