Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Hooray I am back

No I haven't been anywhere it's just been over a week since I stopped by.

Brr! this weather is cold & unpleasant.  Still, this afternoon I shut myself away in my craft room & finished off some Christmas cards that a couple of weeks ago I had printed all the images & papers for.

I chose a foldover design - I think someone has given it a name, but I can't remember what it is.  Here they are & the details will follow;

I made two of the cards in green as in the photo above, as I needed 6 cards.  Unfortunately I couldn't find another design to make it 6 different ones.  Well not that I would be happy cutting out the pyramage on. All the cards had the pull out greeting.  They are images from a CD called Christmaz Pyramidz2 (2008) by CardzCardzCardz.  The last photo shows the insert outside of the card.  There was one little bit of stamping on each one - the message which comes if memory serves me right from a set from My Sentiments Exactly.

I am really pleased with the way these looked when finished.

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