Sunday, 7 November 2010

Workshop day for HSNW

Good heavens! It's been a week since I last popped in & had something to say or show.

Yesterday, my friend Sue & I held a one-day workshop for some of the members of HSNW club.  For those who may not know the abbreviation it is for Happy Stampers North West here in the UK.  Thirty Six ladies attended the workshop, & in what has become a traditional format - half were with Sue in the morning & half with me.  Then after lunch Sue & I swapped groups.  Sue's project was a multi-layered Star Book & mine was a CD Case 2011 Calendar.

Almost at the end of the day I went around taking a few photos - not everyone had completely finished their projects but there was sufficient material for me to put together a little slide show & here it is;  

Whilst I was preparing the workshop materials I was left with rather a lot of card pieces, some of which I used to produce a little project  that complimented the CD Case Calendar.  There are 2 pictures at the end of the slide show above - but I am going to reproduce them separately here;-

I had intended for them to be a handbag calendar but I think they actually turned out a little too big for that - so it will sit beside my computer for when I want to know what day of the week a certain date might be.  Will rethink the handbag version - as I have lots of card left.

Due to the preparation for the workshop & a couple of other things I have not entered any weekly challenges this week.  I hope to put that to rights this week.


CraftyJo said...
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Misty's Mum said...

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Caroline Rawcliffe said...

It was a great workshop Gloria...we all enjoyed it