Sunday, 21 November 2010

More christmas Cards

Well - one more to be precise. 

Today I found time to make the first of the Christmas cards for Bob's business colleagues.  Recently I have been making rather a lot of easel cards & thought that would probably be the way I would go with these.  Then when I made the two cards I showed yesterday - the crossover front ones with the pullout insert - I thought that would be the design to use.

After making that one I also had an idea for standing the cards, because they aren't normal opening cards so they won't stand.  So I have thought of two methods it is just deciding which one to do.  I have several templates for "plate" stands which would look different.  Then there is also a method where you create two flaps in the back of the card by scoring from the bottom edge up about 1.5" - 2" then cutting a curved line from the top of the score line down to the edge & also along the edge which you then pull out to create little stands.  Because this style of card has a double thickness back - they would have to be cut into the card right a the back before the two sections are glued together.  I might do a dummy run tomorrow & see how it looks.  In the meantime the one I have finished might need the "plate" stand.

Here is the finished card - it shows the card with the insert separate;

I even managed to put a little sprinkling of glitter on the trees & snow - something I am not known for - not a great glitter fan but it suited the picture.  It doesn't show up in the photo but it is there.

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