Sunday, 21 November 2010

More christmas Cards

Well - one more to be precise. 

Today I found time to make the first of the Christmas cards for Bob's business colleagues.  Recently I have been making rather a lot of easel cards & thought that would probably be the way I would go with these.  Then when I made the two cards I showed yesterday - the crossover front ones with the pullout insert - I thought that would be the design to use.

After making that one I also had an idea for standing the cards, because they aren't normal opening cards so they won't stand.  So I have thought of two methods it is just deciding which one to do.  I have several templates for "plate" stands which would look different.  Then there is also a method where you create two flaps in the back of the card by scoring from the bottom edge up about 1.5" - 2" then cutting a curved line from the top of the score line down to the edge & also along the edge which you then pull out to create little stands.  Because this style of card has a double thickness back - they would have to be cut into the card right a the back before the two sections are glued together.  I might do a dummy run tomorrow & see how it looks.  In the meantime the one I have finished might need the "plate" stand.

Here is the finished card - it shows the card with the insert separate;

I even managed to put a little sprinkling of glitter on the trees & snow - something I am not known for - not a great glitter fan but it suited the picture.  It doesn't show up in the photo but it is there.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Christmas Cards

Well! here I am back again after nearly another weeks break.

But I have been busy - making Christmas cards for members of my three clubs here in North Wales.  I like to give one to each member & I have to say I do find it easier to make that many with the same design, strange as it seems.  So I cannot put any photos on my blog yet - perhaps a slide show of cards just after Christmas.  But another thing we do at the clubs is make a card for a lucky dip at our final meeting for the year which means that everyone gets a card from the club.  For two of the clubs this meeting is held almost the last week of November & the third club it is the first week in December.

I also make a Christmas card for each of the colleagues & their partners, who work with my partner Bob.  So I have sorted the images I will be working with & have more or less decided on the design or style.  So this weekend will probably be the making up weekend.

Here are the pictures of the images I will be using for those cards - I am creating a CD designed card - that is - the papers & images are from a craft CD.  These were from a CD called "Christmaz Pyramidz 2 (2008) by CardzCardzCardz

Here are two of my lucky dip cards;

Now I must go & make some more Christmas cards, finish the ones for Bobs colleagues, & I have a wedding anniversary card to make for Bob's daughter who lives in the USA, & a masculine birthday card for my 84 year old cousin, bless him.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Remembrance Sunday

We will remember them

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

CD Sunday Challenge - Natural World

It's been quite a while since I entered a challenge - so hopefully this is the first of more to come again.

The image & background papers are from the safari section of Jane Netley Mayhew Collection CD.  Here is the card & how I made it follows;

and here is a close up of the main image

I started by selecting several images of the cheetah in different sizes & the background paper with the head repeated across it.  The other background paper came from one of the other images on the cd.  I decided an easel card would be the way to go - just can't stop making these.  I covered the base card with the paw print background paper on the outside.  The main image is layered onto copper coloured thick paper.  I then cut carefully around the cheetahs head from one of the other images, but left the straight left side & bottom intact.  I then placed it over the first image with 3d pads. Copper ribbon was wrapped around the front flap of the card & the main image stuck over it.  For the lower panel I used the other background paper, then used a strip of the "head" background paper layered onto another piece of copper paper which was put on foam pads to create the "stop".  Two of the smaller images were then mounted on copper paper too & stuck either side of the main image on the stop.  A little embellishing with copper peel-offs completed the picture.

I am having trouble finding the right weight card to put through my printer as it is one of those that takes the card through to the back as it prints & then turns it over to come back out at the front again the other way up.  So I need to find card that will roll easily. 

Monday, 8 November 2010

Birthday Card

Saturday was our daughter-in-laws birthday & I can today show the card that I made for her - sadly no stamping - but I was pleased with the finished result & I even used a little glitter.  That's something else I am known for - I am not a great glitter fan.

Here is the card;

The papers & toppers were amongst my stash saved from past "Making Cards" magazine & are pretty shades of link/.lilac.  I was rather pleased when I noticed that the little greeting tags had both "Happy Birthday" & "Someone Special" - which fitted very nicely.  I do love making easel cards & have started now making them different shapes rather than the standard square or the shape as above.

Well! I am off now to search my favourite challenge blogs & see what I can take part in this week.  So watch this space for how I get on.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Workshop day for HSNW

Good heavens! It's been a week since I last popped in & had something to say or show.

Yesterday, my friend Sue & I held a one-day workshop for some of the members of HSNW club.  For those who may not know the abbreviation it is for Happy Stampers North West here in the UK.  Thirty Six ladies attended the workshop, & in what has become a traditional format - half were with Sue in the morning & half with me.  Then after lunch Sue & I swapped groups.  Sue's project was a multi-layered Star Book & mine was a CD Case 2011 Calendar.

Almost at the end of the day I went around taking a few photos - not everyone had completely finished their projects but there was sufficient material for me to put together a little slide show & here it is;  

Whilst I was preparing the workshop materials I was left with rather a lot of card pieces, some of which I used to produce a little project  that complimented the CD Case Calendar.  There are 2 pictures at the end of the slide show above - but I am going to reproduce them separately here;-

I had intended for them to be a handbag calendar but I think they actually turned out a little too big for that - so it will sit beside my computer for when I want to know what day of the week a certain date might be.  Will rethink the handbag version - as I have lots of card left.

Due to the preparation for the workshop & a couple of other things I have not entered any weekly challenges this week.  I hope to put that to rights this week.