Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Ink on my fingers? .......... more like ink on my desk!!

I had hoped to have something to talk about & show today.

But - no!  I had one of those days when things started well & then went downhill.  I was preparing, well making a sample, of a card I wanted to enter into one of this weeks challenges.  I had seen an idea on Create & Craft that I wanted to try.  Well I say "seen".  I wasn't actually watching with full concentration.  I was mainly listening whilst doing something else.  Blogging I expect - or checking out challenge blogs.  So I had to try it first.  As the steps proceeded it was coming along nicely.  I almost thought I was going to be able to make it the actual card.  Then whilst doing some stamping - the stamp fell off the acrylic block & landed on my work sitting on my craft mat. Ugh!  Later I was doing the final completion stages & had the card right side down on the mat. I turned it over & found I had laid it down right where the stamp had dropped & I hadn't completely cleaned the ink from the mat.

Back to the drawing board (& a clean craft mat) tomorrow.

Watch this space. 


Christine said...

Oooooh such a shame and I bet it was 'going' to be a super card.
Hope your mat is clean now LOL
Thanks for adding my blog link to your sidebar

Blueberry Moonlight said...

I bet you let out a huge ARRGGHH!! Hope the next one turns out ok.