Monday, 4 October 2010

Black & White

I can't believe it, again, too many days without blogging.

One of the things about me that I left out of my profile was that I am one of the people who organise the twice yearly HSNW Stamp Festivals held at Port Sunlight on the Wirral.

One of the regular features of the festival is the club members Exhibition board.  Those of you who go to Port Sunlight will know that we always have an exhibition of members work on display  & that lately they compliment the competition set for the day.  Today I finally got around to making mine for the board for the October (Autumn) Festival taking place this weekend.  Here they are.......

You know - one of these days I will get the items straight in the scanner.  I'm sure there is a gremlin in there that moves them when I close the lid.

The technique is called "Split Negative".  Very basically you stamp an image twice & cut them into 2 pieces, then you reassemble them again into 2 different pictures, each one containing one half of each image.  I guess the picture is more self explanatory.  Sadly I forgot to use my stamping buddy on the top one when stamping on the black card with white EP - so there are a few flecks of white EP that can be seen.

I hope you like them.

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