Friday, 10 September 2010

Right! here I go then

Good afternoon & welcome to my blog.

I have spent many a pleasant hour looking into other crafters' blogs & many times I have wondered whether to have my own blog or not.  What would I put on it I asked myself.

Recently I found myself with a little more time on my hands than I have been used to, so I decided to do something else I have thought about doing.  That, was to join in some of the many card challenges that I had been looking at on various blogs.  I soon found out that for most of them you  really needed to have a blog.  So now the idea of a blog of my own was starting to become a reality.

In the meantime I joined Splitcoast Stampers to take part in some of their challenges - for which a blog was not essential.

So! here I am.  All about me & my crafting is in my profile.

Why did I call the blog "Ink on my fingers?" ..... & the question mark is really important in that title.  Friends & crafting colleagues know that although Rubber Stamping is my main passion I do not like getting messy fingers.  Although obviously I do from time to time. Daft isn't it?  Ah well, it takes all sorts to make the world go round, doesn't it.

Phew! thats a long post.  Future ones will be more about craft than about me & will include photographs of my work as I go along.

Thank you for dropping by & I hope to talk to you soon.